You came to a conference / event to not only learn and grow, but to “connect” with others! The “Social Networking” portion of the platform allows you to do just that! Check out all of the different ways you can connect and learn about others.

The Directory

See & Connect with other users attending the event! The Directory serves as a listing of all attendees and users on the platform (less anyone who has opted out of being listed via their profile)

  • View Attendees and other Users on the platform
  • Request to be “Connected” (like a LinkedIn or Facebook) 
  • Follow” someone so you see and get notified of their activity. 
  • Send a Private Message to the user
  • Search & Filter to narrow down users displayed.
  • Click on someone’s name to view their profile and further engage with them.

The Foyer

The Foyer is a Facebook/LinkedIn-esq “Wall” or “Feed” of activity where you can view activity from around the platform and create and engage with existing posts to stimulate conversation and/or engage with others.

  • Create Posts sharing updates, information, links.
  • Tag other users to let them know you’re engaging with them.
  • View “Activity” happening from around the platform. (Many ‘actions’ are shared up to the activity feed – such as when someone updates their profile picture, or when a Group moderator makes a change to their group.


Groups are focused areas where attendees can connect, communicate and engage with other like-minded or categorized users, similar to LinkedIn and Facebook.

  • Activity Feed (The Wall) where members can post, reply, engage, etc.
  • Member Directory – Showing all of the members in the group. Ability to Connect/Follow and Message members from the directory.
  • Messaging – Include Group (Broadcast) and 1-on-1 (Private) Messaging. (This is not live chat)
  • Discussion Forums – to facilitate topic based discussion.
  • Media – Photos & Albums and Documents for uploading and sharing documentation.

Private Messaging

Communicate with others through Private Messaging by sending a message to one member or a group of users.

  • Similar to LinkedIn and Facebook Private Messaging
  • Compose messages with text, links, photos and even GIFs.
  • Respond back and forth as you would with other messaging platforms.
  • Recipient received an in-platform notification as well as an email notification (assuming he/she has email notifications enabled).

Your Profile

Fill it out so others can learn more about you! Similar to LinkedIn and Facebook, your Profile communicates all about you!

  • Fill out your Basic Information:Company, Title, Contact Information, etc.
  • Upload a Profile Picture & Cover Image allow users to really “see” who you are.
  • Meeting Links – Include links and information about you on Zoom, WebEx, etc.
  • Custom Fields and Field Groups for event or organization specific information.*
  • Gamify! Gain points by completing your profile*
  • Privacy? You have full control over who sees certain information and where you show up throughout the platform.

*May not be enabled on all platforms/packages depending on the specific event.

Your Account

Manage all aspects of your account to have full control over how you access and use the platform.

  • Login Information – email address, password, etc.
  • Email Preferences – control which email notifications you wish to receive or not receive.
  • Privacy – Control who can see what in your profile. E.g. Show your Company name only to those who you are connected with.
  • Profile Visibility – Control where your profile shows up. E.g. in the Directory, Members Search, Block others from “friending” you.